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A Turkey tummy tuck is exactly the same as one you would get elsewhere. But you can save money while getting the same result. Turkey has surgeons that have been accredited internationally and who have as many years of experience in Turkey as their counterparts overseas. The result is that you will not have to pay twice as much for the same procedure as in Europe or the United States. So if you are considering a tummy tuck Turkey, don't wait! Call us now to book your procedure!

For two weeks, stop smoking or drinking alcohol before your procedure. No eating after midnight the night prior to surgery. You will need to remove all jewelry and skin moisturizers. Make sure you don't wear tight fitting clothes that have buttons. It is a good idea that you take someone along after the procedure. You will feel tired after the procedure. You will still have some scarring. It's okay to feel a little sore, but try not to be agitated.

Turkey has many reasons why it offers tummy tong surgeries. It's home to thousands upon thousands of tourism-oriented industry and hotels making it a great country for any medical procedure. To ensure the best possible outcomes, patients are treated in the most advanced facilities. And the price is right too - a tummy tuck in Turkey costs only $1500. It may not be the best option if your goal is to lose weight.
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